OK, here's the situation:

    You have an exciting new kitchen product that your Marketing Department tells you would be a sure fire hit with women in Saint Paul. You want to put that product on the TV Food Network in the Saint Paul area, but you're in Florida, and don't know anything about cable television in Minnesota.

    In fact, you're not really sure where Minnesota is.

    So what do you do?
    What do you do?

    You call 1-888-GET-ON-TV and talk to the cable advertising experts at Cable TV Advertising Associates.

    We have clients running on Cable, Must Carry, and Broadcast channels around the country. There are thousands of individual cable systems in the USA, each with a different set of networks and advertising opportunities available. All held together by a vast array of interconnects, alliances, third party turnkey operations, national reps, regional reps, local reps, local origination studios, leased access operations, internet ad groups and on demand advertising services.

    CTVAA sorts through this confusing mess to put together a comprehensive buy for our clients designed to bring them success.

    So..... Whether you need to market your mandolins in Maui, to sell your software in San Francisco, or peddle your perennials in Peoria, the one stop source for all your cable television advertising needs across the country is Cable TV Advertising Associates.

    And we know where to find Minnesota.