"Thirty Seconds to Success"

    Over 25 years ago, CTVAA's founders, John Kerr and Bill Shagawat started selling ads on Ranger's Hockey games on the Madison Square Garden Network. Very few people had cable in their homes back then and as far as advertisers were concerned, newspapers were the only viable medium.

    A lot has changed in 25 years...

    Today, CTVAA is recognized as an expert and a leader in the field of Local Cable Advertising. CTVAA operates as an Advertising Agency and Media Buyer covering cable systems all over the Tri-State area. We also place clients on systems in various regions around the country, and on national cable networks as well.

    The company as a whole has received awards for local sales achievement from individual cable networks, including the Stahlberger Award, the Cable Advertising Association of New York's highest honor.
    Executive Vice-President Bill Van Over has received a national award for sales achievement from the Cable Advertising Bureau, and Executive Vice-President Linda Hogan was a national award finalist for her interactive medical information show, Health Talk.

    The success of CTVAA is based on a simple philosophy: Find success for your advertiser and your own success will follow.

    Be part of the success with CTVAA.